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Be nature-inspired with our New Zealand native bird tours & kiwi wildlife experiences.

Kapiti Island is an internationally renowned sanctuary for New Zealand native flora and fauna- a forest reserve  for  New Zealand wildlife.  Kapiti Island is also the home of a well established Marine Reserve. And if you love taking photos, you couldn’t find a more incredible environment to do so. 

Maximise your Kapiti Island visit with us. Within one booking request we can confirm and book your tour and accommodation if you stay the night, book your return ferry, obtain the relevant permits, and give you all the information you need to have a fantastic stay

We cater for all fitness levels. The walk from Rangatira to the highest point requires the highest level of fitness, with steep and demanding tracks and truly rewarding birdlife and nature experiences..

Alternatively, the North End (Waiorua) landing offers a much less strenuous walking option, still with wonderful flora and fauna experiences, and an opportunity to view the Royal Spoonbill nesting colony with one of our guided walks. 

Waiorua Bay (North end) offers a more relaxed range of options. Sea Kayaking and snorkelling is also available at Waiorua Bay (from the Kapiti Nature Lodge) You might choose to  just enjoy Kapiti Nature Lodge for true rest and relaxation.

Wherever you go on the Island, there is absolutely no chance that there’ll be too many people – just 100 permits are issued to Rangatira per day, and only 60 per day to Waiorua Bay, the home of local whanau and Kapiti Island Nature Tours.