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Covid 19 Safety Plan

COVID 19 Safety Plan for Kapiti Island Nature Tours

Kapiti Island Nature Tours is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our kaimahi (staff) and manuhiri (visitors).

In addition to our standard health and safety practices and procedures, this is what Kapiti Island Nature Tours is doing to minimise the COVID 19 risk in our workplace.

We will:

Follow all current COVID-19 Health and Safety protocols recommended by our industry.

Ask everyone, workers, contractors and customers, with cold or flu-like symptoms to stay away from our premises.

Identify, record and implement controls using our risk management procedures for any new risks arising from restarting our business or a business activity in accordance with the traffic light setting (Red) under the Covid 19 protection framework. This includes completing pre-start risk assessments, workplace hygiene and disinfectant wash-downs of surfaces and identifying any new risks surrounding manning level changes.

Keep an updated record of people who enter our premises.  This includes displaying an NZ COVID Tracer QR code in a prominent place at or near the main entrance of our workplace if applicable. We will also offer customers and visitors a way to manually sign in.

Ensure all workers, clients and customers know how, and are able to,keep themselves safe from exposure to COVID-19 by following the management guidelines from Government and communicating this with all staff prior to them commencing work, and clients and customers prior to them entering our place of work.

Gather information daily on the wellness of our workers to ensure that they are safe and well to work prior to them starting work.

Operate our business in a way that keeps workers and others safe from exposure to COVID-19 by following strict COVID 19 protocols provided by Government.

Manage exposure or suspected exposure to COVID-19 by following our suspected or confirmed case of COVID 19 Protocol.

Evaluate and continuously review, whether our work processes or risk controls are effective through communicating closely with our workers, clients, customers and industry organisations.

Continue to monitor any changes COVID 19 has to the impact on the risks of the work we do through observing our work practices, continuing to report, record and investigate workplace accidents and as per our current risk management procedures.

Where possible, we will still consider alternative ways of working.

Reduce the number of shared surfaces within our place of work, and regularly disinfect them.

Encourage regular hand washing or sanitising for everyone at our place of work. the entry and exit times for workers, visitors and contractors the names of everyone on our premises or location, their contact details.