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And our place on Kapiti

Since 1820 our whanau (family) has been connected to Kapiti Island. Our ancestor Te Rangihiroa first arrived with the migration led by Te Rauparaha from the Waikato region, settling on Kapiti as base and stronghold. Since then, 8 generations of our whanau have had a place on Kapiti Island.


In the late 1800's and early 1900's that included a homestead at Waiorua run by Utauta Parata, who was well known for her hospitality - a tradition we continue. We take our responsibily as kaitiaki (guardians) of this land and the precious taonga (treasures) it shelters very seriously.

Because our family held on to private ownership of one small piece of Kapiti Island we're able to maintain our presence and continue to welcome visitors on to both the Nature Reserve and also our family land, where we can share both the human and natural history we know so well.


Today Kapiti Island Nature Tours is a whanau business that allows for members of our family to live on the island and carry on our role as hosts and guardians. We take great pride in sharing our passion and commitment to the crucial part Kapiti plays in Aotearoa's ecological and cultural story.